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In the Beginning 2007:

  • Founded by Rachid hicham , Biba car opened its doors in Rabat with a mission to Provide the best rental car service
  • Back then, we offered a fleet of just 5 vehicles, primarily VIP.

Early Growth 2010 – 2018:

  • We quickly gained a reputation for excellent customer service, reliable vehicles.
  • By 2018 , we had expanded to 80.000 locations and offered a wider selection of vehicles to cater to families,& business travelers.
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Recent Developments 2018 – 2024:

  • We continue to innovate and adapt to the changing needs of our customers. In recent years, we’ve make a online booking website and olso take big festivals trasport mession .
  • Today biba car proudly boasts 10.000 locations across morocco and remains committed to progress more.


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